Yoga Nidra

Do you find yourself experiencing burnout from the mountain of responsibilities you have? Do you experience anxiety or depression? Do you feel tired all the time?

Being in a constant state of worry or “in our heads” eventually depletes our energy, causing symptoms of depression, anxiety and burnout. This can contribute to insomnia which makes everything worse. We need sleep to replenish those “feel good” chemicals, Seratonin and Dopamine, in our brains.

Yoga Nidra NATURALLY increases these chemicals in our brains that doctors regularly prescribe anti-depressants for.

Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative, sleep based meditation technique. It combines the benefits of meditation, relaxation and intention. Using a combination of physical movements, breathwork, and guided visualization, Yoga Nidra supports the mind by giving it a break from the cycle of tension, anxiety and depression. A space is created where the mind and body no longer experience stress or pain and come into a peaceful, calm way of being.

Shifts in perception are possible which can affect your well being in a positive way, making it easier to focus and move through the day.

You will be lying down comfortably with a pillow and blanket for about 30 minutes. All you have to do is listen to the sound of my voice and follow my guidance.

How Life Coaching and Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation can help you achieve what you want in your life.

Yoga Nidra offers a rapid and effective pathway to personal change and growth. Through the use of transcendental meditation, together with Life Coaching to uncover your limiting beliefs, anyone can quickly realize the roots of behaviors and feelings. Simply put, Yoga Nidra is a very relaxed state, between being awake and being asleep, a twilight zone, where your mind is focused and it is very receptive to suggestions that allow you to achieve positive and lasting transformation.

Life Coaching with Yoga Nidra is effective and works quickly in the following areas:

Anxiety, Stress, and Panic


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Body Image/ Weight Management

Autoimmune Disorders

Recovery from Addiction

Pain Management

Grief and Loss


Relationship and Dating Issues

Sexual Issues

Healing Difficult Relationships


Stress Related Dis-ease

Injury Care and Recovery

Cancer Recovery



and More……..

Call me at 360-299-3200 to schedule your private appointment.

$80.00 an hour at Maya Shakti Yoga Studio.

Sessions at your location are $100.00 an hour.

Additional travel fees apply if outside of my usual boundaries.

Skype and phone sessions are available.

Group Yoga Nidra classes are $15.00

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